How to use video to market your business

Videos are free advertising for your business. Shooting and posting videos on various media will serve several purposes:

  • advertise your goods or services
  • build trust with your clientele
  • give online customers a chance to ‘meet’ you
  • make it easy for your business to be seen by an unlimited audience

Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, there are easy ways to incorporate videos into your marketing plan. YouTube and other video-sharing sites make it impossibly simple intuitive to upload and share videos straight from a device or with the help of some editing, if you’re a little more advanced.

You may wonder what you have to offer in video form. Chances are, if you have started your business from scratch, you have a passion for it. You also probably know a lot more about the service or product than the average Joe.

Here are some examples of how you can market your business using video:

  1. Introduce yourself and your staff. For people who haven’t yet visited your business or those who shop online, this may be their first opportunity, maybe their only opportunity, to see whom they are buying from. Your enthusiasm for your business and the dedication of your employees to serve customers to the best of their ability should be evident.


  1. Sharing testimonials from real customers. If you have some loyal customers who don’t mind going on record (literally) to tout your praises, then by all means, use them! Let potential clients see real people who are pleased with your products and customer service.


  1. Provide information about your service. This can be a series if you provide more than one service. Keeping the videos short is a good idea, so don’t try to do too much in one. You’ll get viewers hooked and coming back for more.


  1. Demonstrate your product. Just like services, products, too, can be demonstrated in a series of videos. A clothing boutique owner, for example, could demonstrate different ways to wear a scarf – a different way every day of the week! Viewers will wonder how they ever lived without your products!


  1. Give a ‘behind the scenes tour.’ Some processes are complete mysteries to the general public. If you have an interesting and rare business, take advantage of this by doing a ‘sneak peek’ video. What goes on five minutes before opening? How is your product made? Where do your raw materials come from? Any of these would be great topics for a video.

When you have created your video, post it on your YouTube channel, your website and/or your Facebook page. You can even create a link that will direct viewers right back to your website (where they can order the product or contact you for a service).

Don’t feel like your video has to professionally filmed and edited. Showing your personality is what this is all about. Just be yourself and be professional. You’ll soon see the effects of your videos as marketing tools for your business!