How to market your web design business

Just being really awesome at web design isn’t enough to get your business off the ground. You can be creative, knowledgeable and dependable, but if no one ever knows about you, there’s no market for your new business. To advertise your service and skills, you’ll need to know some general marketing tricks and some others that are specific to web design. One of the best ways to market your web design business is from referrals. I have a client in Corpus Christi who does amazing tile and grout cleaning. I updated his website to showcase his work and he loved the results so much, he began to recommend me to every business owner he knows.

  1. Create your online presence

An online portfolio is the perfect way to show off the work you are proudest of. It can also give your potential clients an idea of what you can do for them, especially if web design is new to them. Make sure that it has a variety of samples to give people an idea of everything you are capable of.

Social media is an absolutely free way to advertise. It’s a casual forum where you can advertise your service while also educating friends and acquaintances about what you do and how it can help their business or other cause. Social media is ever-present in our daily lives, so you may come into contact with people whom you never would have otherwise.

  1. Be professional

Collect references from past clients to promote your business. Ask them if they mind letting you use their site for advertisement purposes. Most will say yes because that can also promote their business. Post these testimonials directly onto your website, and include photos and links.

Write blogs for your own web page and for other sites. Blogs are something that can really show off your knowledge base, and your readers can get free information from you and get to know you through your writing. Writing the occasional blog for professional site will lend itself to your credibility. Usually, the site will allow you to attach a link from their your site to theirs.

  1. Get involved

Volunteer your time and skills for a cause that you deem worthy. Your kids’ classroom, your church, or a local charity may be in need of some web design services. Freely giving your time will not only show your generosity, but it is one more way to advertise for free! You may find clientele that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Meet people…in person. Although web design is an online job, you’ll need to make some face-to-face connections. Find workshops and training courses that will further your skills. Take opportunities to speak at events or teach a basic computer class in your neighborhood. These types of things will help people put a face with your name.

  1. Be a partner

Stay connected to past clients in order to develop a relationship with them. Offer services that involve staying in touch with them monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly. This ongoing relationship will get your business attention through word-of-mouth referrals.

Find dependable people to collaborate with. If you are a web designer, find some partners with similar or complimentary skills, such as developers. You could also find a marketing company that sends business your way as one of their services.