Best online business card printers

It’s no secret that a good-looking business card can give you an edge with potential clients. Any professional should have a crisp look in both their design and the materials used. People you meet – potential clients and collaborators – will remember your name and have a way to contact you, so they are useful, too.

When choosing a business card printing company, you will probably be looking for a combination of quality and value. Here are a few of the best online business card printers we can find. We’ve evaluated them based on value, extras and service. (more…)

Great places to visit in Texas

Texas has a big reputation to uphold when it comes to interesting, fun and relaxing places to visit. The motto ‘It’s like a whole other country’ isn’t far from the mark, thanks to the wide variety of events, sights and activities going on at all times.

Texas has placed heavy emphasis on tourism in recent years, and many cities have benefited from it. There’s something for everyone in this huge state, but there are a few places that you absolutely HAVE to see! One of my favorite cities to visit is San Antonio, if you have looking for great things to do, hit up the San Antonio Daily Sun. (more…)

How to market your web design business

Just being really awesome at web design isn’t enough to get your business off the ground. You can be creative, knowledgeable and dependable, but if no one ever knows about you, there’s no market for your new business. To advertise your service and skills, you’ll need to know some general marketing tricks and some others that are specific to web design. One of the best ways to market your web design business is from referrals. I have a client in Corpus Christi who does amazing tile and grout cleaning. I updated his website to showcase his work and he loved the results so much, he began to recommend me to every business owner he knows. (more…)